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Aodhan DS05 | A Rejuvenated Classic.. read more

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This one in particular is the 3.8 Ultimate version with Brembo brakes. The Genesis is a great platform for a budget friendly, pretty powerful RWD vehicle... read more

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Bugeye In Disguise

Full BC Coilover suspension and Stoptech BBK 4-Piston calipers are the stepping stones for the fitment of this vehicle. Subarus are known to get down and dirty, but this is simply clean.  .. read more

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Cobra Unleashed

 It's the culture, hard work and dedication that we put into these vehicles that make it what it is today. .. read more

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Battle Ready Bagged Accord

Aired down and tucking 19x11 +15 with ease. This fitment does not come easy for the Accord, but the drkni8t made it work... read more

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The DS02 In 18" Ready For Pre-order! 

Yes, you read correctly! We at Aodhan Wheels are pleased to announce the release of the DS02 in 18 inches. The full DS line is now available in the popular 18" and 19" sizes. .. read more

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Chasing Sunsets | Bagged Scion TC

The full black gives Jonah's TC that subtle, yet assertive stance... read more

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2015 Mustang

Mustang GT with Brembo brakes? No Problem! .. read more

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DS01 19"

The highly anticipated DS01's in 19" have finally arrived. .. read more

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Michael's S2000

Everybody knows this car as Johnny Tran's S2000 beating out Jesse for pinks in The Fast And The Furious, or the fellas may even be more fond of Suki's pink S2. .. read more

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Ds2,Fit for a King

Contrasting the Laguna Seca Blue, the Vacuum Gold illuminates brilliantly through any condition... read more

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Introducing A New Member To The Aodhan Family.

New Release DS02 Wheels.. read more

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Giveaway Contest

AodHan wheels will be giving away one new set of wheels to a lucky follower once we hit 1k  IG followers. Turn that follow button green!! Help us get to that 1k mark you may be the luck person ch.. read more